Using Your Glasses For Survival

If you ever get lost in the wilderness, there is a good chance that you won’t have much equipment with you. We made an article a while back about using your phone as a survival tool and today we want to look at using your glasses. You may not like having to wear them but they really can be the difference between life and death.

Well I know of a few survival uses for a pair of glasses but at the end, please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments and I will get them added to the list.

Making a Fire

If you haven’t heard of this one before, where have you been? Did you ever use a magnifying glass as a kid to burn holes in leaves or torture ants? Well, the lens within your glasses can be used in exactly the same way. They bend the light into a focal point that can then be used to start a fire.

You can also try adding a little water to the lens to further focus the light rays.


If you’re lost you want to be found right? Well, your glasses can also be used as a means to signal for help. This method works well when the potential rescuers may be too far to hear you shout but you can direct the beam into their direction.

Create a Knife

With the help of a small rock, you can file down a lens into a knife that has a huge amount of uses in the wilderness. This could then also be attached to a stick and used as a spear for hunting.

Fishing Hook

If you have a pair of glasses that have a wire frame, you can fashion the frames into a hook that you can use for fishing.

Protection From The Elements

The eyes are a very sensitive area and thus need to be protected where possible. Your glasses can protect your eyes from the extreme cold, sun, dust, and other environmental threats.

Well there we have five survival uses for a pair of glasses