How to Become a Prepper Who Can Survive

Could you survive if you were suddenly cut off from the world and your favorite, well-stocked grocery stores? How could you feed your family if you lost your job unexpectedly? Do you have enough money saved to live your golden years in comfort? Many citizens end up without power for weeks at a time after a natural disaster. This country’s power grid is old and vulnerable. Furthermore, think about what would happen if the country was hit by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast?

Whatever your reasons are, there is no better time to start preparing for the future than right now.

The following tips will get you started:

  1. Build a bug-out bag – Collect items that you might need during an emergency situation or evacuation. Do this for every family member. Never just copy an inventory list, as everyone’s needs are different. Do not forget to stock up on medication, personal hygiene products, and stash away some cash. You may need the money when you have no access to a bank or ATM machine.
  2. Put together an emergency and evacuation plan – Prepare an escape route in case you need to leave your home unexpectedly. Know where you are going and how to get there. Ensure that every family member is informed about the plan, because you may not all be together when a disaster strikes. Find a good bug-out location if you cannot count on family and friends to take you in.
  3. Plant a garden – Start small, and expand as you learn. You will make mistakes, but at least they will be behind you by the time you really need to depend on your own food production. Use flower pots or garden containers if you have no spare land. You can also lease a plot, or consider guerrilla gardening. Why not use abandoned properties to produce food the entire community can profit from during emergency situations? Keep chickens, ducks, quail, rabbits, and goats if you have spare land. Stock ponds with fish.
  4. Learn survival skills – Practicing on how to cook without electricity and studying various food preservation methods can keep you alive, as well as knowing how to hunt. The more you can do, the less you depend on others. If you are extremely good at something, you can use those talents to earn extra income. Trade labor for essentials.

There are many other things you can do to become independent. Get out of debt, improve your health, learn basic first-aid, take self-defense classes, develop a support network, and change your mindset.

Understand that the mainstream media and the government are hiding the truth. They know that it is impossible to contain a country-wide panic attack. The fact that you are reading this article is proof that you have doubts. Improve your survival chances by keeping your eyes open and learn how to prep efficiently.