Facts about Vaping Every Smoker Should Know

Facts about Vaping Every Smoker Should Know

It seems that smokers are not that informed and knowledgeable about vaping compared to others. This is unfortunate, though. After all, they are the ones who will possibly enjoy more benefits.

If you are a smoker and you think that you are not yet that familiar with vaping, below are some facts you might want to keep in mind.

Switching to Vaping from Smoking will Help You Save Money

Many smokers check the price of e-cigs then compare this with the cost of a cigarette pack then continue to smoke. Well, this is pretty much understandable. But, this is actually a pricey mistake. A cigarette pack is a disposable item. You purchase them, smoke them, and before you know it, they are gone. Refillable e-cigs are different, though. You purchase them and provided that you have enough liquid supply and replacement parts, you can use refillable e-cigs for months or even years. The initial price of the kit is going to pay for itself in just a matter of days.

Average long term vapers spend as much on new coils and liquid each week as they did on traditional cigarettes in just one day. While it takes some trial and error to identify the flavors and equipment that will work best, you will be able to save money during the first initial months.

E-cigs are Safer Compared to the Tobacco Kind

You surely read numerous times about the claims of e-cigs having the same dangers as smoking. Many journalists said it again and again, often based on shoddy science and it seems that many people actually believe it.

But, this is far from the truth. A detailed study has been conducted on vaping, with pretty decisive conclusion. E-cigs are at least 95 percent safer compared to the old-fashioned type. Most people think that it means that the remaining 5 percent of the users are going to be killed. If it was true, it will still be somewhat impressive. However, there is no evidence that e-cigs can potentially kill anyone. The 5 percent potential risk can include the risk of nicotine addiction. It is unclear that nicotine, once separated from tobacco, is really addictive.

To Switch or To Quit?

There are some people saying that there is no evidence about e-cigs helping smokers quit. There are some who insist that they really do. But, this is a wrong question for you to ask in the first place. Whether you like it or not, it is hard to quit smoking. Many smokers tried doing this more than once. It doesn’t matter if you are using gum or patches, hypnotherapy or the usual cold turkey method because the failure rate is about 95 percent. Most scientists have theories regarding the difficulty of quitting. However, they often miss one important detail. Many smokers don’t have the willingness to quit. They just say they want to quit but deep inside, they don’t mean it. In reality, many smokers continue to smoke because they simply enjoy it.

These are just some of the top facts that smokers should know about vaping.