Beginning Preppers – The Top Must-Have Items

There is a wide array of information about prepping and a lot of opinions about what the ” ultimate prepper essentials” are out there. As such, it is no surprise that Novice Preppers often end up feeling overwhelmed rather quickly. Sound familiar? Don’t worry. Knowing that you have the knowledge and tools necessary to survive will help you feel more secure in your decision to leave your previous sanctuary behind.

Bugging out is the absolute last resort that you have to consider, when your home may be overrun, or uninhabitable. It’s the last-ditch effort to survive, and you may have to find an alternate location to consider until either thing at your primary shelter cools down, or it can be re-inhabited again. Whatever it may be, you’re here, and its time to learn something!

So without further ado, your top must-have items for new Preppers to bug out with:

  1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Let’s face it unless you have a well at your house your water supply is limited. Even if you store potable water in/around your house, you can only store a finite amount. What happens when the power grid goes down and you have no city water or a well pump, what happens when your supply of water is contaminated? This simple device filters out 99.99+% of bacteria, and its good for filtering up to 1000L of water! Grab a few of these at the cheap price point of $20 each, and stick ’em in your bug out bag, or your preppers cache’s around your home/location!
  2. MRE’s – They taste like crap, but they contain the necessary nutrition to keep you going. They are extremely portable and have a shelf life of up to 5 years if stored below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. These meals are packed full of calories so you have the energy you need to get the job done. They are portioned as individual meals and can be a lifesaver in a situation where food is not plentiful/viable.
  3. A Firearm – One thing a Prepper should never be without is a firearm. One .22 caliber would be preferred in any situation because the ammo is lightweight compared to other calibers and it is also cheaper. However, with the recent gun craze lately due to the Obama Administration, .22LR is very hard to find. I have even had issues locating 9mm ammo. Get what you can while you can, and make sure you have a plan. My preference for bugging out is my Glock 17 for my firearm and my Ruger 22LR. They are both lightweight and portable.
  4. Shelter – When you can no longer stay in your home and you have no other choice but to look elsewhere, shelter is critical. We recommend something small, portable, and viable for carrying long distances. The Emergency Shelter Tent is a great way to have a portable shelter anywhere. It’s extremely lightweight and hardly takes up any space in your gear. In Combination with your shelter, we recommend carrying a few Mylar blankets. These are extremely thin, reflective blankets. They reflect heat back onto your body, and you will be amazed how well they work for being only 1-3 mils thick.

So that does it. These above items cover the critical essentials to any bugout plan — Food, Water, Shelter, Protection, and Fire! These should be used as the building blocks for any prepping arsenal and are considered the bare-bones essentials to survive away from home.