Basic Attention Token: Washington Post, BATify and Coinbase?

Basic Attention Token is a transparent and decentralized advertising platform for publishers based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The project was initiated by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox.

The project aims to help publishers and advertisers and reward users with many benefits. Last week there was a lot of good news for the BAT project.

The Washington Post
The largest daily newspaper from Washington D.C. has recently become a verified BAT publisher. This means that the newspaper sold to Amazon now accepts BAT donations from its readers.

But The Washington Post is not the only big platform BAT accepts. Other websites, such as The Guardian, a British daily newspaper and VICE, a lifestyle and youth magazine, have registered for the service. Also well-known youtuber like PewDiePie and Philip DeFranco use the service of the BAT project.

BATify: BAT for Chrome and Firefox

To use BAT, you still need to download the BRAVE browser. With the browser, users can earn money to view advertisements and donate BAT to websites if they like the content or want to support the company.

In this way, the platform remains ad-free, which in turn benefits the end user. No more advertising-based mining malware and longer battery life for the smartphone because no more advertising scripts need to be loaded.

Download & test BRAVE browser and support*.

An independent BAT trailer has now programmed a BATify extension for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. This allows users to donate BAT to websites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without having to use BRAVE. However, unlike the BRAVE browser, this extension does not contain an ad or tracking blocker.

Asked why the BAT team doesn’t develop extensions for other browsers, they replied, among other things, that a native browser like BRAVE has no development restrictions and that browsers often don’t allow extensions for the smartphone.

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