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Cryptonex Coin – the new generation crypto currency

Cryptonex Coin, also called CNX, is a completely new blockchain with the aim of creating a token that can be used to exchange any crypto currency and any fiat currency anywhere in the world. At the same time, the coin … Continue reading

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Ardor Coin advantages and disadvantages

The basically infinite scalability and the application possibilities of the sidechains and coins give reason to hope for a positive Ar/dor coin prognosis. The NxT technology has future potential and could do a lot better than many other blockchains. However, … Continue reading

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Bitcoin price in danger?

Over the past weeks and months, Mt. Gox’s insolvency administrator Kobayashi had sold over $400 million USD in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The sale of over 40,000 Bitcoins had a massive impact on the Bitcoin price. What influence … Continue reading

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Crypto Currencies: OTC – Trade is booming

In the last six months we have seen numerous high-profile cyber attacks on crypto currency exchanges around the globe. To better protect their digital assets – in a market that is so volatile – more and more traders are looking … Continue reading

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A large bullish trend line for Bitcoin

Table of Contents Ethereum Prize HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsEthereum price analysisRipple Price HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsRipple price analysisBitcoin Cash Prize HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsBitcoin Cash Price AnalysisBitcoin Price HighlightsTechnical indicators Signalsmarket factorsEthereum Prize HighlightsThe Ether price traded above $490 before starting a downward … Continue reading

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Basic Attention Token: Washington Post, BATify and Coinbase?

Basic Attention Token is a transparent and decentralized advertising platform for publishers based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The project was initiated by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. The project aims to help publishers and … Continue reading

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