A large bullish trend line for Bitcoin

Table of Contents Ethereum Prize HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsEthereum price analysisRipple Price HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsRipple price analysisBitcoin Cash Prize HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsBitcoin Cash Price AnalysisBitcoin Price HighlightsTechnical indicators Signalsmarket factorsEthereum Prize HighlightsThe Ether price traded above $490 before starting a downward correctionA large bullish trend line is forming on the hourly chart with support at $472ETH approaches some important supports at $478, $472 and $470The Ethereum price is currently correcting against the US dollar and bitcoin. ETH should find support near the $472 mark in the near future.

Technical indicators Bitcoin Code

Technical indicators SignalsYesterday there was a new rally above $475. ETH broke through the resistance of $490 and reached a new weekly high of $496. A downward correction later set in and the price fell below $485. However, the price Bitcoin Code Review 2018 » Full Scam Check – scamcontrol.net is approaching many important supports at $478, $472 and $470, and a large bullish trend line with support is also forming on the hourly chart at $472, above the trend support the 100 hour SMA is close to $473.

Ethereum price analysisLooking at the chart, the price remains well supported above $470. On the other hand, the price must break through the $486 mark to rise above $490. Finally, a breakthrough above the recent high of $496 is needed to make further profits above $500. The MACD is strongly in the declining zone. The RSI is currently approaching the 40 mark and signals sales pressure. The highest support level is $472, while the resistance is $490.

Ripple Price HighlightsThe Ripple rate fell by a few points after rising to $0.4877 against the US dollar.An important bullish trend line is forming on the hourly chart with support at $0.4680XRP could lose some more points, but it remains above $0.4650The ripple price is in a bullish zone against the US dollar and bitcoin. XRP must break through the $0.4800 and $0.4860 resistance zones to continue to rise.

Technical indicators SignalsOver the last 2-3 days, there have been decent bullish movements above $0.4600. XRP traded above the $0.4750 and $0.4800 resistance levels and a high was formed at $0.4877 before the price started a downward move. Ripple tested support at $0.4750 where buyers showed up. At the moment, the price is consolidating losses near $0.4780 and 100 hours SMA. On the other hand, an important bullish trend line is forming with support at $0.4680, so if the price continues to fall from current levels, it could find support near $0.4700 and $0.4680.

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