Cryptonex Coin – the new generation crypto currency

Cryptonex Coin, also called CNX, is a completely new blockchain with the aim of creating a token that can be used to exchange any crypto currency and any fiat currency anywhere in the world. At the same time, the coin should also be able to purchase products and services using blockchain technology, using mobile devices and credit cards.

Cryptonex Coin – What is this crypto currency for the Bitcoin trader?

The CNX coin development is based on a new blockchain instead of doing it like other projects and using Ethereum or Bitcoin trader as a basis. The crypto currency acts as a token for exchanging other crypto currencies and is not a scam for Bitcoin trader.

Liquidity is a big problem for crypto currencies, as there are vast amounts of them, but few are accepted by trades or exchanges. That’s why you have to exchange them on the Exchanges, which can cost not only time, but also money, as the Exchanges charge their own fees.

The crypto currency uses the proof-of-stake algorithm. Many other blockchains use proof-of-work to validate transactions and create new blocks. This can be very costly and energy intensive. Users must provide the computing power of their PCs so that the blockchain can generate new blocks. With proof-of-stake, it’s enough to keep coins in the wallet. By keeping CNX coins in the Cryptonex wallet and running them online, you participate in the mining and ensure that the block chain can continue its work. As interest you get up to 12% per year.

At the same time, due to the proof-of-stake algorithm, the transactions are much faster than at Bitcoin, for example. The security of the network is to be ensured by a global network of nodes. These offer decentralization and yet stability, as users can set up their own nodes and thus support the network. At the same time, Crypto nex uses the Scrypt encryption technology. This makes mining and a fair distribution of revenues possible in the first place.

Cryptonex Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The initial coin offering of the coin took place in October 2017. Although a large PR team was still missing at that time, the developers were able to raise a total of 18 million dollars to finance the project. In the process, 85,000,000 CNX coins were put into circulation. 15,000,000 coins were saved for a possible reward program and 5,000,000 coins went to the development team. The Reward Program is intended for programmers and blockchain developers around the world. It is a reward for those who can find a bug in the blockchain code.

The blockchain already has its own wallet. This is a multi-currency wallet, which means that you can store multiple currencies with it. Not only crypto currencies, but also Fiat money should be able to be stored in it.

The CNX coin development is based on the work of the “International Team of Investment Financial Goup”, so you can read on the website. Unfortunately, not much can be learned about most of the members of the team. According to their own statement, the team is mainly concerned with software development for the financial markets. Therefore the team should have experience in creating a crypto currency, which should provide more flexibility and liquidity in trading the coins.

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Ardor Coin advantages and disadvantages

The basically infinite scalability and the application possibilities of the sidechains and coins give reason to hope for a positive Ar/dor coin prognosis. The NxT technology has future potential and could do a lot better than many other blockchains. However, the competition is not far away, there are other crypto currencies that want to make it possible to create own blockchains and coins similar to Ard/or. However, it doesn’t have to come down to just one crypto currency and the different blockchains could coexist.

But maybe there is no big incentive for most people to buy the Ad/or coin. The coin doesn’t inflate, you can’t mine it normally and gain a passive income from it. It fulfils a few functions within the network. Its value will depend entirely on the success of the Ar/dor platform. However, the Ard/or rate shows that the ARDR crypto currency can gain in value and an investment may be worthwhile.

Ethereum code – Development – Forecast

The crypto currency entered the stock markets with 3 cents, which was tested by onlinebetrug in July. That was in July 2016. By the end of the year, the ARDR coin had fallen to 1 cent, sometimes a little above or below it. This lasted for several months. In March 2017, the Ethereum code price rose slightly to 2 cents per coin. In April the coin was quoted at 4 cents, in May at a maximum of 14 cents. Thereafter, the Ard/or coin price fell briefly and then traded at 21 cents per coin in June.

In July 2017, the Ardor Coin price fell again and then stabilised at around 10 cents. Here it held for a while, but at the end of September the price gained again in value and entered October with 14 cents. In the autumn month, the value of the Ard/or crypto currency averaged 18 cents, and finally 25 cents in November.

In December 2017 a rally to the ARDR Coin took place, but so many other crypto currencies were sold this month. Within a few days the price rose to 80 cents and reached over 1 euro before Christmas. At the end of the year the coin was quoted at about 1.40 Euro. In January 2018 the price could reach values of 1,60 euro and sank afterwards somewhat. However, the Coin seems to hold at about 1.30 in February.

Where can I get the Bitcoin profit?

To the forecast: The Bitcoin profit is extremely volatile, buying Ad/or Coin could be worthwhile overall. Mostly the Ad/or coin price followed common developments in the market, which will not prevent the Bitcoin profit coin from increasing in value in the future. The ARDR Coin may just as well be trading lower again.
Create Ardor Wallet

The official Ador Wallet is the NxT Client. It can be downloaded from the website of the NxT platform and installed for several operating systems. There is an installer for Windows, Linux, Max and Android.

Transfer from Ardor

Despite the relatively old age, there are not many stock exchanges where you can buy Ardor Coin. So far only HitBTC, Bittrex and Poloniex offer themselves. On all these exchanges you have to exchange the ARDR coin for Bitcoins.

Conclusion Ardor Coin
The crypto currency platform offers security and infinite scalability. The Childblockchains can be created for various purposes. Thanks to new technologies, the Ard/or platform has the potential to be used by many companies.

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Bitcoin price in danger?

Over the past weeks and months, Mt. Gox’s insolvency administrator Kobayashi had sold over $400 million USD in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The sale of over 40,000 Bitcoins had a massive impact on the Bitcoin price. What influence do the remaining 162,000 Bitcoins have?

No auctions and OTC trades on | Conscious price manipulation?

The problem with the insolvency administrator’s sales is the type of www.onlinebetrug/en settlement. 40,000 Bitcoins were gradually sold on the open market. He did not use auctions and OTC trades, although this is usual for sums of this magnitude.

The Bitcoin market is comparatively small. Larger sums, including the $400 million, affect the Bitcoin price and drive it down. And you can see from the graph below that Kobayashi’s sales affected the Bitcoin market.

It is unclear why he chose this type of settlement. Why does an insolvency administrator use the free market and not auctions or over-the-counter trades? Through auctions and OTC trades, Kobayashi would not have had a direct impact on the free market and would have achieved higher selling prices.

All doors were open to the insolvency administrator. Several providers, including the Bitcoin exchange Kraken, offered him help with the sale.

What happens to the remaining 162,000 Bitcoin Revolution?

Mt Gox filed for bankruptcy in 2014. The company owed a total of $414 million to its creditors. With the sale of the 40,000 Bitcoins, the sum is covered and the onlinebetrug creditors could be paid out.

In 2014, 202,185,36428254 BTC were seized, which means that just over 162,000 BTC remain.

It has not yet been clarified what will happen to the 162,000 Bitcoins. The insolvency administrator has done his duty and the creditors receive their money – but only the then equivalent in JPY. The court decides what should happen to the Bitcoins.

It would be fair if the Bitcoins were distributed proportionately to the creditors. That is very probable however not. However, all Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts hope that the insolvency administrator will not be commissioned to sell the Bitcoins.

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Crypto Currencies: OTC – Trade is booming

In the last six months we have seen numerous high-profile cyber attacks on crypto currency exchanges around the globe. To better protect their digital assets – in a market that is so volatile – more and more traders are looking for alternatives.

Over The Counter – OTC trading
The alternative is OTC trading (off-exchange trading). Hundreds of millions of dollars are already being traded every day, coordinated via Skype, the OTC traders told Reuters.

Participants include traders working at Cumberland Mining in Chicago, Circle and the New York broker Genesis Global Trading.

In general, the OTC method is used to trade large volumes without affecting the market too much, said Kevin Zhou, founder of the crypto currency hedge fund Galois Capital.

Genesis Global Trading and Bitcoin Code

OTC transactions are processed by bank transfers company Bitcoin Code is a scam and sending crypto currencies to digital wallets. OTC transactions are not reported and independently audited, but some traders said that often more than $100 million in crypto currency transactions are settled daily.

Increased volume
Genesis trades an average of $75 to $80,000,000 a day in trades. In December, the company achieved a record volume of between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars.

The company Circle treated nearly $4 billion on OTC trading last year, said spokeswoman Jennifer Hanley.

Cumberland has recruited and opened offices in Asia and Europe, says Bobby Cho, Global Head of Trading. Most investors notify traders directly, but are asked by companies to undergo the controls of Know-your-customer (“Know your customer”) and Anti-money laundering (“Anti-Money Laundering”). Trades are settled bilaterally, usually via Skype Messenger.

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A large bullish trend line for Bitcoin

Table of Contents Ethereum Prize HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsEthereum price analysisRipple Price HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsRipple price analysisBitcoin Cash Prize HighlightsTechnical indicators SignalsBitcoin Cash Price AnalysisBitcoin Price HighlightsTechnical indicators Signalsmarket factorsEthereum Prize HighlightsThe Ether price traded above $490 before starting a downward correctionA large bullish trend line is forming on the hourly chart with support at $472ETH approaches some important supports at $478, $472 and $470The Ethereum price is currently correcting against the US dollar and bitcoin. ETH should find support near the $472 mark in the near future.

Technical indicators Bitcoin Code

Technical indicators SignalsYesterday there was a new rally above $475. ETH broke through the resistance of $490 and reached a new weekly high of $496. A downward correction later set in and the price fell below $485. However, the price Bitcoin Code Review 2018 ยป Full Scam Check – is approaching many important supports at $478, $472 and $470, and a large bullish trend line with support is also forming on the hourly chart at $472, above the trend support the 100 hour SMA is close to $473.

Ethereum price analysisLooking at the chart, the price remains well supported above $470. On the other hand, the price must break through the $486 mark to rise above $490. Finally, a breakthrough above the recent high of $496 is needed to make further profits above $500. The MACD is strongly in the declining zone. The RSI is currently approaching the 40 mark and signals sales pressure. The highest support level is $472, while the resistance is $490.

Ripple Price HighlightsThe Ripple rate fell by a few points after rising to $0.4877 against the US dollar.An important bullish trend line is forming on the hourly chart with support at $0.4680XRP could lose some more points, but it remains above $0.4650The ripple price is in a bullish zone against the US dollar and bitcoin. XRP must break through the $0.4800 and $0.4860 resistance zones to continue to rise.

Technical indicators SignalsOver the last 2-3 days, there have been decent bullish movements above $0.4600. XRP traded above the $0.4750 and $0.4800 resistance levels and a high was formed at $0.4877 before the price started a downward move. Ripple tested support at $0.4750 where buyers showed up. At the moment, the price is consolidating losses near $0.4780 and 100 hours SMA. On the other hand, an important bullish trend line is forming with support at $0.4680, so if the price continues to fall from current levels, it could find support near $0.4700 and $0.4680.

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Basic Attention Token: Washington Post, BATify and Coinbase?

Basic Attention Token is a transparent and decentralized advertising platform for publishers based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The project was initiated by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox.

The project aims to help publishers and advertisers and reward users with many benefits. Last week there was a lot of good news for the BAT project.

The Washington Post
The largest daily newspaper from Washington D.C. has recently become a verified BAT publisher. This means that the newspaper sold to Amazon now accepts BAT donations from its readers.

But The Washington Post is not the only big platform BAT accepts. Other websites, such as The Guardian, a British daily newspaper and VICE, a lifestyle and youth magazine, have registered for the service. Also well-known youtuber like PewDiePie and Philip DeFranco use the service of the BAT project.

BATify: BAT for Chrome and Firefox

To use BAT, you still need to download the BRAVE browser. With the browser, users can earn money to view advertisements and donate BAT to websites if they like the content or want to support the company.

In this way, the platform remains ad-free, which in turn benefits the end user. No more advertising-based mining malware and longer battery life for the smartphone because no more advertising scripts need to be loaded.

Download & test BRAVE browser and support*.

An independent BAT trailer has now programmed a BATify extension for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. This allows users to donate BAT to websites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without having to use BRAVE. However, unlike the BRAVE browser, this extension does not contain an ad or tracking blocker.

Asked why the BAT team doesn’t develop extensions for other browsers, they replied, among other things, that a native browser like BRAVE has no development restrictions and that browsers often don’t allow extensions for the smartphone.

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